Our mission is to create shows that kids & parents love.

Our focus is on crafting the initial encounters of children with the world, using top-notch content that is unmatched in quality.

    We create the framework for children's first explorations of the world, offering unparalleled content of the highest quality.

Discover variety of educational shows
Our aim is to spark the imaginations of the youth and enhance the richness and creativity of their environment.

We design the way children first experience the world through unparalleled, high-quality content.

Educational songs and stories for preschool kids,
created by experts

Our talented designers imagine children's favorite characters

The basis of our work: a drawing made by a talented hand

Several iterated versions to end up with an iconic character.

Our 3D modders transform the characters into real mascots.

We work on textures and renderings with the best software and technologies.